750ml Custmoized Shape Solid Colored Glass Red Color Tequila Bottle

Product Details

Introducing the 750ml Customized Shape Solid Colored Glass Red Color Tequila Bottle, a statement piece that combines bespoke design with exceptional quality. Crafted from premium super flint glass material or high flint glass material, this bottle boasts a striking red color and customizable shape, setting it apart from traditional packaging options. Elevate your tequila brand with this eye-catching, eco-friendly bottle that reflects your commitment to excellence and sustainability.

Parameter Description
Capacity 50ml to 3000ml or customer request
Suitable for Spirits/Vodka/Whisky/Brandy/XO/GIN/Tequila/Rum/ Cachaca/Beverage/Food/Water
Material Super flint glass materail,High flint glass material
Color Transparent/Customized
Shape Round/Square/Oval Shape /Rectangular Shap/Customized Shape
Glass wall thickness 3-5mm
Bottom thickness 10-25mm
Vertical axis deviation 1.1mm
Lead < 0.05mg/L
Cadmium < 0.05mg/L
Arsenic < 0.05mg/L
Antimony < 0.05mg/L
Thermal shock resistance >35°C
Shock resistance 0.9J
Internal stress 1.4-1.5 grade
Glass Grade First grade
Weight 50g - 580g/ 620g/ 650g /750g/ 850g /1000g /1500g and Customized
Closure Type Cork,guala cap ,screwing cap
Quality Control ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004,SGS, TUV,EU,FDA,and other you want
Surface Treatment Screen printing, embossing decoration, hot stamping, spraying, frosting, 3D decoration, iridescence, stickers
Industries Distillery,Bars, restaurants, home or commercial brewing,brewpubs,industry breweries,Beverage etc.
OEM/ODM Welcomed Customized;Customized Logo with Decal/Frosted/Silk Print Are Availiable As Requested
Packing 1.standard export carton with cardboard divider. 2.pallet packing with plastic firm wrapped. 3.carton + pallet packing or customized
Sample  Provided Freely
Note Eco-friendly, 100% recyclable

Key Benefits:

1. Premium Material:Crafted from super flint or high flint glass material, our bottle ensures superior quality and durability, providing a secure and elegant packaging solution for your tequila product.

2. Customized Shape: With the option for customized shapes, our bottle allows you to create a unique and distinctive packaging design that stands out on the shelf, enhancing brand recognition and consumer appeal.

3. Vibrant Red Color:The solid red color of our bottle adds a bold and striking element to your tequila packaging, capturing the attention of consumers and conveying a sense of passion and excitement.

4. Versatile Capacity: With a capacity range from 50ml to 3000ml, our bottle accommodates various volumes of tequila, catering to different product sizes and packaging needs.

5. Stringent Quality Control: Our bottle undergoes rigorous quality control measures, including compliance with ISO standards and testing for lead, cadmium, arsenic, and antimony levels, ensuring top-notch quality and safety for your products.

6. Secure Closure Options:Choose from a variety of closure types, including cork, Guala cap, and screwing cap, to ensure the secure sealing and preservation of your tequila product.

7. Customized Branding:Our bottle offers the option for customized logo designs with decal, frosted, or silk print options, allowing you to imprint your brand identity on every bottle and strengthen brand recognition.

8. Eco-Friendly: Committed to sustainability, our bottle is eco-friendly and 100% recyclable, minimizing environmental impact and aligning with green packaging practices.

9. Free Samples Available:Experience the quality and versatility of our bottle with freely provided samples, allowing you to assess suitability and explore packaging options for your tequila brand.

Elevate your tequila packaging with the 750ml Customized Shape Solid Colored Glass Red Color Tequila Bottle – where innovation meets elegance, and customization knows no bounds.

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