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Frequently Asked Questions

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What if there is a problem with a product in distribution?

Like any other packer, we take every possible step to ensure that all our products meet their specifications. We are a bottling spirits facility (vodka, brandy, cognac, rum and whiskey) and we use strict international standards and techniques to deliver defect-free products. All our spirits bottles are cold treated, micro-filtered at 0.45 and all packaging components are tested and finalized by our customers.

We believe in long term business relationships and take appropriate action to support this philosophy.

Can you make any special shapes or oversized bottles?

Yes, We accept any customized products.glass manufacturing has its limitations in terms of glass flow, whereas ceramics can make bottles of any shape and any size. Therefore, when we can’t manufacture in glass, we use ceramics, any size, any shape. Our engineers will provide you the best guidance according to your ideas and products.

Can I track my product through the entire manufacturing process?

First, you are welcome to visit the factory during production.

You will learn about every aspect of the product, from the source of the fluid, the necessary treatments, the certification of all auxiliary parts, to samples of the finished product (if required), which we can provide you with. As well as the subsequent packing, loading and transportation of the product, you can always talk to us if you have any questions!

Do foreign authorities like TTB approve your products?

Yes, they will approve our products without any problem. We have had hundreds of products approved by the TTB. We can even walk you through all the steps of this approval process.

Why choose to work with us?

We offer a one-stop solution. We produce and ship the product to the final destination port.You don’t have to look around for the various components that make up a complete product. We provide you with all you need.Our packaging components are inexpensive.

We will ship in time to meet your production needs.

Are the bottles produced made in China?

No. There is no legal requirement to mention “China” anywhere on your product. We are able to bottle and ship large quantities of products to the United States and many other countries. This is an option and can be customized to say Made in China or not.

Custom Bottled Porcelain Bottling – No Need to Declare China on Products if you dont need it.

Do China glass bottles contain lead or other harmful chemicals?

The glass itself does not contain lead or other harmful chemicals. Upon request, we can have the glass bottles tested by an independent testing organization to confirm this.

If we order a full container, do we have the option of shipping part of the shipment and keeping the rest in stock for backup?

Generally, yes. The maximum order quantity relates to the amount that must be produced at one time. This does not mean that it has to be shipped all at once.We are willing to offer this option to our customers. It should be noted, however, that partial shipments do not optimize the efficiency of your shipments and the additional costs incurred should be carefully considered.

Approximately how many glass bottles will the 40HC hold?

For a uniform 750 ml bottle, approximately 25,000 bottles will fit on a pallet in a cardboard box. If stacked on the floor, it will hold approximately 27,000. For 750 ml bottles with more complex shapes, the number of cartons is reduced to about 22,000.About 60,000 standard 12 oz. beer bottles can be packed into cartons. For smaller beer bottles, for example, the 40HC can hold about 60,000 standard 12 oz. bottles.

Do I need to clean my bottles before filling?

Preferably, it is necessary to rinse the following with water, usually there may be some dust, confetti or other particles inside the bottle that may get into the bottle, so the bottle should always be cleaned on the production line before filling. This is especially for beer, which requires high hygiene standards.

What if a breakage occurs during transportation from your glass factory in China to our bottling plant?

This rarely happens.

We pack the bottles to a very high standard before loading them into the container. At the same time, we will take photos of your goods after packing and during the loading process. If the breakage is caused by our responsibility, we will take all the responsibility.During transportation, we usually suggest you to buy insurance for your goods, if the breakage happens during transportation, it will be the responsibility of the related transportation company, and the transportation company will bear the corresponding insurance responsibility.

How much does it cost to design a custom bottle?

Our design fee is only $600. Our company understands that bottle design is critical to the success of your project. That’s why you may want to have all of your designs finalized before you start producing molds. After paying $600, you can revise the design up to three times. This fee includes not only our design services, but also the consulting services of our engineers to ensure that your bottles are ready for accurate mass production.

What is the first step once the brief for a glass bottle project has been finalized?

The design of the glass bottle is mainly provided by the customer, and our designers and engineers will communicate with you in depth according to your requirements. In order to achieve the right appearance and manufacturability, as well as to solve the problem of insufficient wall thickness or stress concentration in your bottle design, etc. During the design process, we may have some influence on the design from an engineering point of view. So the whole communication process is very important. We should be able to produce a design sketch within 10 days of finalizing the design with 3 to 5 different options.Once the design sketch has been approved, we can convert the design into final technical drawings. We then return the technical drawings to the customer for confirmation. Once the bottle drawings have been approved, we can proceed with the creation of a sample mold or a full production mold. If you have found a bottle look that you like or are inspired by your own bottle design, we can help you design a bottle that deviates sufficiently from the existing design to circumvent any possible intellectual property infringement. Any customization you have can be achieved with us.

I want to design a sample, can you design a 3D drawing according to my requirements?

Our sales and technical design team is international and fluent in Chinese, English, French, Spanish and Tagalog. We are able to communicate well with you and design the 3D drawings exactly as you need. So clients don’t need to spend money on expensive marketing or industrial design firms to help them design new products.We are experienced in working with our customers, we also understand where the engineering limits are in the Chinese glass bottle industry and can guide you in designing a product that is both mass-producible and meets your marketing goals.If our clients require external assurance, we can appoint SGS, TUV or Bureau Veritas (all with offices in Shanghai) as third party inspection organizations.

Is it possible for us to send our own personnel to observe the production in your glass factory/ensure quality standards?

We welcome inspectors/technicians to our glass factories to monitor production. We also fully understand our customers’ production requirements and quality concerns.

How do you ensure the quality of glass production at your China glass plant?

Our company ensures a high quality output of bottles through a rigorous QC (Quality Control) process at multiple levels. After annealing, inspectors look for inconsistencies, imperfections and occlusions. The glass bottles are then inspected by machine and finally undergo a secondary physical inspection. The machine also performs an initial calibration to ensure that the volume and dimensional tolerances of the bottles are within acceptable standards. If you have specific inspection criteria, we can develop a customized process to meet your standards. Additionally, we welcome customers to visit and inspect our China glass plant before or during the production of their own bottles.

What is the cost of a full-production mould set (for a typical 700/750ml bottle) is as follows:

In flint, MOQ 10,000 pieces: $4,000

In extra-flint, MOQ 25,000 pieces: $3,300

Should I use glass sample molds, acrylic molds or production molds?

There is an additional cost of $1,500 and 35 days lead time to produce a glass sample mold, which allows the customer to see and feel their bottles in real life.There is an alternative/preliminary solution to making a full glass prototype. For only $650 and about 12 days lead time, an acrylic model can be made. This is a solid piece of acrylic plastic that cannot be used as a bottle, but can represent the external shape of the design. Only one sample piece will be sent to you.If the customer is simply moving production to China and they are already familiar and comfortable with their design, it may not be necessary to go through the proofing process. Producing the mold directly saves money and the 35 days lead time required to produce a sample mold.If a customer is working on a new development, they often choose to do a sample run before committing to a full production mold. 5-10 fully decorated glass samples can be produced for review or even marketing purposes, or 1 acrylic sample if acrylic is chosen. Designs can be modified before mass production molds are made.Our sales team will guide you on whether this step is necessary based on the complexity of your bottle design Because once production is completed, it is difficult to adjust the entire set of production molds.

What’s the difference between sample bottle mold and mass production bottle mold?

The sample mold can be used as a stage of the customer’s bottle development process. It is a cost-effective way for customers to review their designs and adjust them before committing to full production. A sample mold is only suitable for about 5-10 samples.Only when the final design is confirmed can the production mold be produced. This is a complete set of production molds, which can accommodate about 500,000 pieces according to the size of the bank. If the mass-produced mold expires during or after its design life, we will replace it free of charge.

What is the minimum order quantity of your factory?

In mass production, the minimum order quantity defines the minimum quantity that a glass manufacturer can produce at a given price. Due to the heavy industrial nature of the glass factory, it is difficult to produce bottles in small quantities. The difference between flint glass and super flint glass bottle is very important here. Usually, for flint glass, customers need to order at least 100,000 bottles, although special exemptions can be made for pilot orders, and this number can be reduced to 50,000 bottles. The production of super flint glass requires different conditions. In most cases, we can start with the minimum order quantity of 20,000 bottles. In the bottle glass factory in China, the price is usually linked to the quantity of each operation. The more orders, the lower the price. The minimum order quantity also depends on the size of the bottle. The smaller the capacity, the greater the minimum order quantity.

What’s the difference between flint and super flint (also called super flint) glass?

Flint and super flint are the expression of bottle glass quality. Flint has good transparency, while super flint has the best transparency, usually compared with crystal. Super flint bottles tend to have more substances and are heavier, and usually contain a deep bottom (or warhead) of 20-30mm, which makes the bottles feel more quality. Super flint is often the brand choice of high-end spirits industry, especially the brands of vodka, cognac, brandy and whisky.

Can I print my trademark or logo on the glass bottle?

As a function of the mold itself, it is no problem to add embossing/indentation function to the bottle. This is a cost-effective way (free of charge, we emboss or degum without extra cost), which can make your products more influential and personalize your brand. Not all the details can be achieved in this way, but please send your design to us for review and we will let you know. At present, embossing is very popular. When customers see so many choices on the shelf, embossing will create a very unique and eye-catching bottle for them …

Can you decorate my custom-made glass bottle in China?

Ceramic thermal transfer: a method of putting decals on bottles and then baking them on the glass surface. The cost of labels usually depends on the number and size of colors.

For decorative patterns:

Full partial or graded coloring, applied by fine organic (food safety) spraying, and then “external baking” on the glass surface. We have a set of available color combinations, or we can achieve specific colors by matching with samples or Pan Tong hues. In the production process, color can also be added to the glass material itself. Although many colors of glass can be achieved in this way, customers may feel at random about the production plan to some extent, waiting for the colors needed for their activities.

Auxiliary decoration: metal badge, wood, plastic, wax, diamond crystal and other embossed and embossed patterns.It is also possible to partially or completely frost the bottle

Do you provide samples ? is it free or extra ?

Yes, we could offer the sample for free charge but do not pay the cost of freight.Please understand we send many samples each month,so we have pretty nice discounts from the DHL, FEDEX AND UPS,I will offer for your confirmation before sample departing.

Can you customized for customer?

We work on OEM orders.That means size,material,design,package,etc will depend on your requirement.

Do you inspect the finished products?

Yes,each step of productions and finished products will be camed out inspection by QC department before shipping.

How do you ship the finished production?

BY plane
By sea
By couriers: DHL,TNT,UPS,Fedex.etc

About Deep Process Services,do you provide these?

Yes, we can provide screen printing, hot stamping, frosting, label, etc.
As to printing color: Any color is available according to Pantone color number.

How is the sealing?

For glass bottles we have glass lids, plastic lids and metal lids, all of which fit the bottle perfectly and seal very well. There is a small rubber strip underneath the lid where the glass and lid come into contact. The lids are made of food-grade rubber that meets EU export standards and are very easy to screw on and off. It is easy to screw on and off.

How to pack whisky glass bottles?

  • 24 pcs / carton, with cardboard separator
  • 6 pcs / colored box, with cardboard separator
  • Pallet packaging, with cardboard separator
  • Carton / box + pallet packaging

What material are your whisky glass bottles made of?

Our empty whiskey bottles are crafted from high flint glass, with a smooth texture and optimal clarity to showcase the liquor’s color and quality.

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