Our Promise is to Design You More Custom Glass Bottle

Quick Market Access with Pre-Made Designs:
Explore our extensive standard stock, featuring over 2000+ unique glass bottle designs. Our pre-made options offer a swift and cost-effective solution for businesses looking to hit the market with distinctive packaging. With a variety of exclusive designs available, you’re sure to find something that resonates with your brand’s identity.”

Craft Your Unique Glass Bottles:
For a truly personalized touch, consider investing in a custom container design. Our team provides complimentary design support, guiding you through a seamless 4-step process. We’ll advise on design possibilities that align with your vision and ensure the technical aspects of your project are expertly managed, making your large quantity order a reality.

Embrace the Flexibility of Standard Stock or the Originality of Custom Design: Whether you opt for our ready-to-use designs or embark on a custom creation journey, Bevott is committed to delivering packaging that enhances your brand’s appeal and meets your market needs.

Selecting Custom Glass Bottles

Love Your Idea

Explore Your Custom Glass Bottles

Utilising our strong technical team, we don’t just make glass bottles, we craft solutions that resonate with your target audience. Our team will guide you through the design process, providing innovative ideas and expert advice to create bottles of glass that are both visually striking and technically proficient, trusting our technical capabilities and creative support to bring your packaging ideas to life.

glass bottles design ideas exchanging

Step -1    Positioning your glass bottle idea

At Bevott, we work hand-in-hand to bring your glass bottle idea to life. Whether you have detailed sketches, samples of existing containers, or just a spark of an idea, our team will work diligently to understand your exact needs. Our design specialists will delve into your vision to create a concept that is in line with your initial brief, whilst considering cost-effectiveness, manufacturing options and suggesting improvements to streamline the production and filling process.

Step-2  Create your customised glass bottle design

After finalising the design concept, we create a detailed bottle specification drawing, outlining the measurable attributes of the bottle whilst adhering to the scope of manufacturing capabilities. Confirmation of technical specifications at this stage is critical, paving the way for a smooth manufacturing process.

Our team of design professionals and engineers are ready to support you in all aspects, including:

1) Bottle and cap designs tailored to your product needs

2) Ergonomics and form factors for a user-friendly experience

3) Rapid Moulds to visualise and refine designs

Glass bottle drawing design
Glass bottles Moulds

Step-3  Manufacture of custom glass bottle moulds

Moulds are the key to transforming your ideas into tangible glass bottles. At Bevott,we are committed to providing a full range of custom bottle mould making and tooling services to meet the unique shape of your bottles.

As a one-stop solution provider for all your container moulding needs, we offer moulds, neck rings and any other add-ons required in the moulding process, ensuring a seamless transition from concept to creation.

Step-4 Glass Bottle Sample Production Process

Upon receiving the trial mold equipment and securing an appropriate production window, we move forward with crafting glass bottle samples. This step is crucial for us to ensure the production meets both our standards and your specific requirements.

You will have the chance to thoroughly evaluate the samples. Test them in your filling line, apply labels, and verify their compatibility with closures and secondary packaging. Only after you are satisfied and provide your formal approval will we proceed to the bulk production phase.

Interested in free samples? Discover our offerings and see the quality for yourself.

glass bottle production

Step-5  Custom glass bottle production and packaging

The manufacturing journey begins with the introduction of treated raw materials into the melting furnace. Once the material is melted, it is carefully shaped into moulds techniques, depending on the desired bottle shape and style. Our styles include:

Short necks for compact designs

Long necks for elegance and functionality

Balloon for a unique look

Slim, for a modern look

Round for a classic silhouette

Corner for a modern touch

After moulding, each bottle undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure excellence. After this, the bottles are carefully packed and ready for delivery to your doorstep.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about caps for the bottles?

Absolutely, we offer a comprehensive one-stop service that includes a variety of bottle caps. Our in-house attachment factory manufactures a range of options such as glass caps, wooden corks, synthetic corks, aluminum caps, metal lids, and plastic caps. Additionally, we provide luxury packaging boxes and cartons to complete your product’s presentation.

I need a unique bottle design.

We understand the importance of distinctiveness. Our creative dream team of designers is ready to assist you. We believe our artistic vision will contribute to creating a truly unique design for your bottles. Please share your desired prototype style, and we will collaborate to finalize the design.

How about the quality of your products?

Quality is paramount to us and is the cornerstone of our business. We are committed to the ongoing enhancement of our processes and product quality. We meticulously manage every stage, from raw material inspection to the production of semi-finished and finished goods, with strict control by our dedicated departments. We are acutely aware that the damage rate and quality directly impact your purchasing costs. Therefore, we prioritize careful packaging and stringent quality control measures.

What are your after-sales services like if I receive broken bottles?

If you encounter any broken bottles upon receipt, please don’t worry. Simply document the issue with photos and provide us with an exact count within 7 days. We assure you that we will address the situation promptly.Reminder: Should you find any broken items in your shipment, do reach out to us within 7 days without hesitation. We are here to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

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