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Our Story

Shandong Bevott Glass co. Ltd, a well-recognized manufacturer in the glass bottle industry located in Jinan, China, produces sustainable and qualified glass bottles for vodka, whisky, rum, gin, wine and spirits, alcohol brands, olive oil, water, juice and beverages for premium spirits , food industry.

We have commissioned 2 state-of-the-art 8S fully automatic machine lines, 3 CNC manual machine lines and 4 CNC semi-automatic machine lines. The factory also has 2 IS machines. 8S and CNC machines are used for the production of first grade glass bottles – flint glass bottles with a capacity of 120,000 pieces per day.

Bevot is dedicated to the development of diversified custom glass bottles. We specialize in glass bottle decoration, printing, frosting, custom painting, etching and engraving, foil stamping, metallization and labeling. To date, Bevot has exported to many countries around the world, such as USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Mexico, Scotland, Italy, Belgium, etc.

Bevott’s Core Values


Customer oriented

Providing professional services with a focus on ease of doing business and a first-class user experience, both online and face-to-face.


High Quality Glass Products

We operate with honesty and integrity, aspire to excellence in quality, and are committed to sustainable development and corporate social responsibility.


Growing Together

We respect each other’s need for balance in our lives while supporting each other, doing our best, and staying together.


Our Services

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Quality Manufacture

Equipped with IS production line to produce glass bottles with high-quality raw materials. Defect-free with well-trained line operators, manual and automatic inspection systems. Focus on quality inspection, delivery speed and affordable price, aiming to provide you with competitive glass products.

Customized Design

Custom glass packaging containers with custom shapes, sizes, colors and closures.
Develop custom glass bottles with embossing, embossing and special designs for increased brand personalization

One-Stop Shop

Supply different closures and lids to fit your glass bottles.Decorate glass bottles from printing, frosting, painting to labels, etc.,We help you find the ideal closure for your specific product, ensuring your packaging is sealed with security, usability and design to make your product a perfect unit

Logistics Service

We have our own reliable and professional logistics partners worldwide. Establish sustainable long-term cooperation with logistics suppliers to efficiently, economically, and safely deliver your glass products on time.

Reach Us

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13005 Greenville Avenue,
California, TX 70240

+22 140 006 754


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