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At Bevott, we understand that glass bottles and packaging are more than just containers; they are an extension of a company’s product image and a reflection of its brand promise. Therefore, we are committed to providing diversified, high-quality glass bottle solutions to meet the needs of different customers.

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Our product line covers all kinds of glass bottle packaging such as alcohol packaging, food packaging, beverage bottles and so on. Each glass bottle is carefully designed to suit its specific use and presentation. Whether it is a traditional round bottle or a modern shaped design, we offer a wide range of sizes, shapes and colours to ensure that the product blends perfectly with the brand image.

In addition, we understand the uniqueness of the market and therefore offer the ability to customise our services, from bottle design to colour customisation, from screen printing to foil stamping processes, we can create unique packaging solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Quality Assurance

Quality is our cornerstone. Our quality control processes strictly follow the highest industry standards, ensuring that every glass bottle is meticulously inspected before it leaves our factory. As an ISO certified company, we proudly demonstrate our commitment to product quality and our relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction.

Production Capabilities

Our production facilities and technologies represent the cutting edge of the industry, equipped with advanced automated production lines and sophisticated testing equipment. This not only ensures our annual output and production efficiency, but also enables us to respond quickly to market changes and meet the demands of large-scale orders.

Supply Chain Advantage

The source of raw materials is the core of our supply chain management. We select high-quality raw materials and ensure a stable supply of materials through efficient supply chain management. Our inventory management system and just-in-time delivery services ensure that customer orders are met quickly and accurately.

Innovation and R&D

Innovation is what drives us forward. Our R&D team constantly explores new technologies and materials, and is committed to the development and design of new products. We believe that through continuous innovation, we can bring more value to our customers and more surprises to the market.

Environmental Responsibility

We take our responsibility for environmental protection seriously. During the production process, we have adopted a series of environmental protection measures to reduce energy consumption and waste generation. We actively use recyclable materials and are committed to promoting sustainable development strategies to contribute to our planet.

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Bevot is dedicated to the development of diversified custom glass bottles. We specialize in glass bottle decoration, printing, frosting, custom painting, etching and engraving, foil stamping, metallization and labeling. To date, Bevot has exported to many countries around the world, such as USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Mexico, Scotland, Italy, Belgium, etc.

What We Do

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Deep Processing

At Bevott, we are dedicated to transforming ordinary glass bottles into striking works of art through our deep processing techniques. Our further processing services include:

Painting: Using advanced painting techniques, we create colourful patterns and gradient effects on glass bottles, adding a unique visual impact to the product.

Electroplate: Through the electroplating process, we give the surface of glass bottles a shiny metallic texture that enhances their luxury and durability.

Embossed: Using the embossing technique, we create three-dimensional textures and patterns on the glass bottle, giving the product a more tactile and visual feel.

Frosting: The frosting process gives the surface of the glass bottle a soft matte finish, adding a touch of elegance and mystery.

Pulp Level: Through a special process, we are able to adjust the transparency of the glass bottle to meet the packaging needs of different products.

Metal Effect: In addition to electroplating, we can also achieve various metal effects on glass bottles through spraying and other processes, such as gold, silver, copper and so on.

PVC Packaging: In order to protect the glass bottles during transport and storage, we provide PVC packaging services to ensure that the product reaches the customer intact.

Decal: Our decal process allows us to accurately transfer intricate patterns and text onto glass bottles, providing a clear, long-lasting solution for product labelling.

Paper Packing: Eco-friendly paper packaging not only protects the glass bottles, but also conveys the brand’s eco-friendly philosophy and sophisticated taste.

Through these further processing technologies, we are able to satisfy our customers’ needs for aesthetically pleasing, practical and personalised glass bottle packaging.Bevott promises to create an unforgettable packaging experience for your products with superior craftsmanship and unlimited creativity.


Custom Packaging

Custom Packaging

We offer a personalised bespoke carton packaging service designed to create a distinctive packaging solution for every type of alcohol.Features of customised carton packaging:

Brand identity: Our team of designers work closely with you to ensure that the carton packaging design perfectly reflects your brand image and personality.

Material selection: We offer a wide range of paper and material options, including eco-friendly materials, to meet your sustainable packaging needs.

Colours and patterns: Using high-precision printing technology, we bring rich colours and fine patterns to your carton packaging to catch the consumer’s eye.

Customised sizes: Whether it’s a standard bottle shape or a specially shaped glass bottle, we can provide tailor-made carton packaging to ensure a perfect fit.

Security: Our packaging is designed with transport and storage security in mind, ensuring that each bottle of wine sits securely inside the carton.

Additional features: We can provide additional features such as built-in compartments, carry handles and magnetic closures to increase the practicality and convenience of the packaging.

Environmentally Responsible: We focus on the environment during the design and production process, using recyclable materials to minimise the impact on the environment.

Quality Assurance: Each customised carton undergoes strict quality inspection to ensure that the product arriving in the hands of the customer is flawless.


Bottle Cap

Bottle Caps

We offer a diverse selection of bottle caps for all types of wine, perfectly adapted to your customised carton packaging.

Cork : traditional and classic, the cork provides a natural seal to the wine while adding a touch of class and history.

Metal Caps : Modern and contemporary, metal caps provide a strong seal on the wine bottle while being easy to open.

SCREW CAP: Convenient and practical, the screw cap is a popular choice for modern wines, guaranteeing an excellent seal and a convenient user experience.

GUALA CAP: This is a brand-specific bottle cap known for its excellent sealing properties and elegant design.

SWING CAP: a uniquely designed bottle cap characterised by its ease of use and stylish appearance.

Our bottle caps are available in a wide range of materials, from natural cork to modern metal, to provide an excellent seal and maintain the best quality of your wine.


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