Clear Glass Long Neck Beer Bottle – 12 oz. (355 ml) – Pry-Off Crown Closure

Our Clear Glass Long Neck Beer Bottle, holding 12 oz. (355 ml), is tailored for breweries and homebrewers. Featuring a convenient pry-off crown closure, this bottle preserves freshness while displaying your beer’s clarity and color. Perfect for showcasing crafted brews, whether you’re an established brewery or an avid homebrewing enthusiast.


Product Details

Our ClOur Clear Glass Long Neck Beer Bottle holds 12 oz. (355 ml) of your finest brew. Crafted for breweries and homebrewers alike, this bottle features a pry-off crown closure, ensuring secure sealing and easy access. The clear glass design beautifully showcases your beer's color and clarity while preserving its freshness. Its long neck and sturdy construction make it an ideal choice for storing and presenting your crafted beverages, whether you're a seasoned brewery or an enthusiastic homebrewer passionate about sharing your creations.

Key Features:

1. **Clear Glass Design:** Showcases beer color and clarity, appealing to visual presentation.
2. **Long Neck Build:** Provides an elegant look and convenient pouring, ideal for brewery presentations.
3. **12 oz. (355 ml) Capacity:** Perfect volume for storing crafted brews and homebrewing experiments.
4. **Pry-Off Crown Closure:** Ensures secure sealing and easy access, maintaining beer freshness.
5. **Versatile Use:** Suitable for breweries showcasing their signature brews and homebrewers passionate about their craft.




12 oz.

Overflow Capacity

12.76 fl. oz. (377.35 ml)


Beer, Beer - Long Neck





Neck Style

Crown Pry-Off

Neck Finish


Neck Width

26 mm


2.408" Dia. x 9" H (61.16 x 228.6 mm)

Label Panel Dimensions

Height: X inches; Width: Y inches (provide specific label area dimensions)


12 oz.;Customization is optional

Closure Type

Traditional Crown

Suitable for

craft beers, homemade beers, etc.

Protection Feature

Antioxidation, maintains beer freshness

Case Quantity

Typically 24 bottles per case

Pallet Quantity

Typically 45 cases per pallet

Country of Manufacture


Recommended Usage

Bars, restaurants, home or commercial brewing,brewpubs,industry breweries etc.

Special Design

Customizaton is optional


*Caps and closures sold separately. --Scroll down for recommended caps.
*Cleaning before use is recommended.

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