Custom Logo Printed Corrugated Cardboard Box 6 Packs/Bottles


1.How can you get the accurate prices?

Please send similar box artworks or box photos, size and quantity,

2.Quality standard(weigh 10x10cm square corrugated board cutting from your current box),´╝ÜSingle wall, 3-layer papers? or double wall, 5-layer papers?

3.What products will be loaded into the box ? and product weight each box ? then accurate prices will be quoted to you.

With this information, we’ll be able to quote you an accurate price. Thank you for your cooperation.

Product Details

This custom printed corrugated cardboard box is designed to protect and display glass bottles. Not only does it provide sturdy protection against damage to glass bottles during transit, but it also provides a platform to display brand and product information through custom printing. We use eco-friendly materials and advanced printing techniques to ensure that your glass bottle packaging is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Versatile design options and fast sample production services allow your packaging design to be realised quickly to meet marketing needs. Choose our customised cardboard boxes for the best packaging solution for your glass bottle products!

Parameter Description
Paper Material Brown Corrugated Board/White Corrugated Board
Paper Feature Recycled
Corrugated Board Flute Type Single Wall: E, B, C Double Wall: Bc, Be, Ee
Joint Glue/Staple
Printing Mode Flexo Printing
Color Cmyk/ Pantone Color/ Custom Color
Artwork Format Pdf or Ai, But Pdf Is Preferred.
Which Surface Treatment Can We Make? Varnishing/Wax Coating
Which Design Can We Supply? Box Type Paper Material Surface Treatment Die-Cut
Custom Sample Fee USD100-USD300. If Stock Samples, It Is Free
Sample Time 7 Days
HS Code 4819100000
Specification Custom

Key Benefits:

Customised protection: Provide tailor-made protection for glass bottles to ensure safety during transport and storage.
Brand Reinforcement: Enhance brand visibility and recognition on glass bottle packaging through customised printing.
Environmentally Responsible: Demonstrate your commitment to the environment by using recyclable corrugated cardboard box materials.
Versatile Wall Thickness: Provide different thicknesses of corrugated board to suit different sizes of glass bottle packaging needs.
Rapid Prototyping: Provide samples within 7 days for quick response to your packaging design needs.
Colour Matching: Ensure your packaging matches your brand colours through CMYK, Pantone or custom colour printing.
Surface optimisation: Varnish or wax coating enhances the durability and moisture resistance of cardboard boxes.
Design Flexibility: Supports a variety of box designs and finishes, including die-cutting, to accommodate different shapes of glass bottles.

Corrugted board type

corrugted board type


Paper Material



paper material

Surface Treatment

surface treatment

Why choose us:

Our custom printed corrugated cardboard boxes are the perfect solution for enhancing your product packaging and brand identity. From the choice of materials to the printing process, every step of the process is designed to ensure that your boxes are not only strong and durable, but also look great and perfectly match your brand standards.

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