How many types of glass bottles are there

May 10, 2024


Our company has a wide range types of glass bottles, each of which has its own specific properties and functions. Understanding these different types of glass bottles can help people choose the right one for their specific needs.Join us as we uncover the essential elements of crafting excellence in custom clear bottle.

Types of Clear Acohol Bottles

Visible types of spirit bottles are perfect for packaging products that need to be visible to customers. They are often used for alcohol, beverages, essential oils and other liquids in garages. The legibility of clear glass bottles allows the contents to be recognised without issue, making them a popular choice for items that rely on visual appeal.

Clear Acohol Bottles

Coloured Beer Bottles

Coloured glass bottles are available in a variety of shades, including amber, blue and green. These glass bottles are UV-protected, making them suitable for storing UV-sensitive items such as prescription medications, essential oils, and skin care products. In addition, the hue of the glass contributes to the aesthetics of the packaging.

Frosted Glass Bottles

Frosted glass bottles have a matte base that gives them a unique and sophisticated look. They are often used for high-priced or high-end items such as perfumes, lotions and serums. The frosted surface gives a sense of uniqueness and class to the items contained within.

Embossed spirit Bottles

Embossed glass bottles have a raised design that gives the bottle a textured look.

Which glass bottle do you need? We can custom process a wide variety of glass bottles to match your needs. Master the art of packaging with our guide to choosing custom glass bottles, tailored to enhance your brand’s identity and perfect for spirits, oils, beer,water,wine,and more.

If you are now looking for the glass bottles you want for distilling, beer, beverages and other industries, send us an email. 🙂

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