Precision and Quality: The Key to Cognac Glass Bottle Production

April 24, 2024

Factory Customizable Frosted Glass Bottle For Vodka With Cork Stopper

Cognac Glass bottles are highly regarded for their exceptional transparency and resistance to corrosion, making them ideal for various applications where chemical interactions do not alter the material properties. Their outstanding characteristics offer great potential in the processing of hard and brittle materials. Currently, using glass bottle tools for cutting and grinding hard and brittle materials remains an effective method, such as cutting stone with glass bottle tools and grinding ceramics with glass bottle grinding wheels. Sugar is highly sensitive to temperature and humidity changes, easily absorbing moisture and exhibiting melting and agglomeration. Composite dressing methods include electrochemical spark composite dressing and mechanical chemical composite dressing. The dressing effect is better, but the system is more complex. Currently, there is strong demand for soda ash, and the operating rates of downstream glass and alumina have rebounded. This gap has led to a significant increase in soda ash prices. Therefore, dressing of sintered glass bottle grinding wheels has not been well resolved.

A major manufacturer of heavy glass bottles shares with you Cognac glass bottles. After glass bottle production and forming, sometimes issues such as wrinkles, bubble scratches, etc., may occur on the bottle body, mainly due to the following reasons:

1. The glass blank does not accurately enter the primary mold when dropped into the primary mold, causing friction with the mold wall and forming wrinkles. After blowing, the wrinkles spread and form wrinkles on the glass bottle body.

2. The scissors of the feeder are scratched, forming individual scissor scars on the bottle body.

3. The quality of the primary mold and mold material of the glass bottle is poor, the density is insufficient, and oxidation occurs too quickly after heating, forming small pits on the mold surface, leading to polishing of the glass bottle surface.

4. Poor quality of mold oil will cause insufficient lubrication of the mold, slowing down the descent speed, and material type changes too quickly.

5. The design of the primary mold is unreasonable. The cavity is too small or uneven. After the material is dropped into the mold, it blows up and diffuses unevenly, causing spots on the glass bottle.

6. Uneven machine dripping speed. Inconsistent temperatures of the primary mold and bottle mold are prone to cold spots on the glass bottle body, directly affecting surface smoothness.

7. Unclean glass frit liquid in the kiln or uneven material temperature can also cause bubbles, small particles, and small spots in the produced glass bottles.

8. If the bottle cutting machine speed is too fast or too slow, the glass bottle body will be uneven, with different wall thicknesses, leading to patterns. Our company offers Cognac glass bottles. Based on the above content, help me rewrite a piece of content.

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