750 ml Bordeaux Wine Bottle -Champagne Green, Punted Bottom, Cork

Discover sophistication in our 750ml Bordeaux Wine Bottle. Crafted in Champagne Green with a punted bottom and cork closure, this elegant vessel ensures both preservation and presentation of your prized wines.

Product Details

Indulge in the timeless allure of our 750ml Bordeaux Wine Bottle, expertly crafted in Champagne Green—a hue synonymous with tradition and refinement. Carefully designed to cater to discerning winemakers, this classic bottle boasts a punted bottom, providing structural integrity and enhancing the graceful display of your premium wines.

The 750ml capacity perfectly accommodates your Bordeaux-style reds, offering ample space to age and mature your prized blends. The Champagne Green color serves as a protective shield, guarding against harmful UV rays, maintaining the wine’s purity and taste.

Enhance the allure of your cellar or wine display with the sheer elegance of this Bordeaux bottle. Its traditional charm paired with a cork closure embodies the quintessential essence of wine culture, making it an ideal choice for showcasing your carefully crafted vintages.

Trust in the reliability and sophistication of our Champagne Green 750ml Bordeaux Wine Bottle—an epitome of quality, preservation, and aesthetic appeal, sure to elevate your wine presentation to unmatched heights.

Key Features:

1.**Capacity**: 750ml volume, perfect for Bordeaux-style red wines or other blends, providing ample space for aging and maturation.

  1. **Champagne Green Color**: Elegantly designed in a Champagne Green hue, symbolizing tradition and sophistication while offering protection against harmful UV rays.
  2. **Punted Bottom**: Structurally designed with a punted bottom, enhancing stability, strength, and graceful presentation of premium wines.
  3. **Cork Closure**: Equipped with a classic cork closure, preserving the integrity and flavor profile of the wine while encapsulating the essence of wine culture.
Parameter Description
Capacity 750 ml
Overflow Capacity 26.206 oz. / 775.0 ml
Style Wine - Bordeaux
Material Champagne Green
Color Clear
Neck Style Cork
Neck Finish Cork
Neck Width 30 mm
Dimensions 2.970" dia. x 11.875" H
Shape Round
Bottom Punt
Weight 17.002 oz. / 482.00 g
Country of Manufacture China
Recommended Usage Food & Beverage
Special Design Customizaton is optional
Note *Caps and closures sold separately. --Scroll down for recommended caps. *Cleaning before use is recommended.

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