Premier Antique Green Bordeaux Wine Bottles – 750ml, Punted, Cork Closure

Discover elegance with our premier 750ml Antique Green Bordeaux wine bottles, perfect for wineries and wine enthusiasts. Elevate your wine presentation and crafting with these vintage-inspired bottles, featuring a punted bottom and traditional cork closure for preserving freshness and showcasing your finest wines.

Product Details

These high-quality 750ml Antique Green Bordeaux wine bottles are meticulously selected by wineries to showcase their finest wine offerings. The elegantly designed bottles exude a vintage charm, perfect for highlighting the brand’s allure. The punted bottom enhances the wine’s presentation and character. Each bottle comes with a traditional cork closure, ensuring the wine stays fresh and true to its essence. Whether it’s custom packaging for newly crafted wines or an addition to a sophisticated wine collection, these bottles are the ideal choice. Elevate your winemaking craft and take the wine-tasting experience to new heights.

Key Features:

  1. **Premium Quality:** Carefully selected high-quality Antique Green Bordeaux wine bottles.
  2. **Versatile Design:** Elegant and vintage-inspired design suitable for various wine types and brands.
  3. **Punted Bottom:** Designed with a punted bottom to enhance the wine’s aesthetic and character.
  4. **Cork Closure:** Each bottle comes with a traditional cork closure to preserve the wine’s freshness.
  5. **Ideal Capacity:** 1.5L capacity, perfect for different wine crafting and packaging needs.
  6. **Winery Essential:** Tailored for wineries, ideal for showcasing wines or expanding collections.
  7. **Craftsmanship Enhancer:** Elevates the winemaking process, adding sophistication to the final product.
  8. **Customization Potential:** Allows for personalized labeling and branding for unique wine presentations.
  9. **Enhanced Preservation:** Ensures the integrity and authenticity of wines over time.
  10. **Multi-Purpose Use:** Suitable for both new wine releases and enhancing established wine collections.
Parameter Description
Capacity 750ml
Style Wine - Bordeaux
Material Glass
Color Antique Green
Neck Style Cork
Neck Finish Cork
Dimensions 3.228" dia. x 12.240" H
Shape Round
Bottom Punt
Weight 30.688 oz.
Closure Type Traditional Cork
Country of Manufacture China
Recommended Usage Food & Beverage
Special Design Customizaton is optional
Note *Caps and closures sold separately. --Scroll down for recommended caps. *Cleaning before use is recommended.

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